Strategy Planning

Strategically, Amazon, Google, eBay/PayPal, Facebook and Apple are the leading brokers of digital commerce between businesses and consumers.

LOOK Innovative carves out digital expereinces, matching your products and services with your customers, in digital experience stratagies, taking advatage of these roadmaps.

Smartphones with touchscreens, full Internet browsers and an array of feature-rich apps, are true game changers that profoundly impact the way in which your customers buy your products. Digital commerce is moving out of the home and the office and on to the street and in to the store.

Strategy Tablet

Creating Digital Strategy

Today, our personal devices are digital, but also, are our everyday-use items such as televisions, appliances and automobiles. At the end of the day people, machines, data and processes are more connected, at a pace not previously witnessed; as a result, user interaction is evolving rapidly, and the outcome is an explosion of information at a rapid rate.

In general, a "digital strategy" involves working within the digital landscape to drive more customized, personalized interactions with customers, employees, citizens and other stakeholders.

The goal then, isn't just the digital experience but rather the exceptional digital experience as part of the organization's overall strategy and objectives.

Strategic Process

LOOK Innovative employs a four-step process that leads to successful digital stratagies for our clients. A digital customer experience strategy should guide the activities and resource allocation needed to provide customers a great experience across all points of digital interaction. It addresses the identity and behaviors of target customers, where experiences will take place, and brand image across all touchpoints.

1.) Company Brand Strategy - We use the mission and value proposition of the brand to serve as the foundation point for designing your digital strategy. A digital customer experience strategy should translate top-level business objectives into an actionable plan for every digital channel.

2.) Design the intended digital experience - We work with you to paint a vivid picture of how your company's digital interaction points will meet customers' needs. Your customers will fell you're easy to work with, providing an enjoyable experience. All aspects of customer experience that are most critical to a company's aspirations for differentiating itself are considered.

3.) Develop touchpoint strategy - Whichever digital touchpoints best extend your enterprise's business model, assume you'll have more than one and as many as half a dozen in the future. Separate, disconnected digital experiences for these several touchpoints will be unsustainable in the long run and, in the short term, harmful to your organization's brand.

4.) Develop digital channel investments - We work with you to develop a clear strategy and prioritize investments in interactions that fulfill your brand promise. With a clear strategy in place, you can make informed decisions about the projects that have the most impact on your businesses.

A few years ago, having a digital customer experience strategy meant having a website strategy. But in today's reality, successfully delivering a cohesive experience that meets and exceeds expectations requires a more thoughtful approach that considers the entire customer journey. If you think customer experience is important, and digital channels are core to delivering those experiences, isn't it time to make it a strategic priority?

Case Study: Designing a customer experience - Amberlight