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LOOK Innovative knows the ways your customers purchase in the digital world have evolved in both consumer brands, and business-to-business (B2B). No longer can a company tell customers what to purchase. Friends, family and colleagues' now recommend purchasing decisions.

Now is the ideal time to implement social technologies as a marketing tool, seriously recognizing that executing a social strategy creates opportunities to acquire and engage customers. Social networks have reinvented the marketing world and the buying process.

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Social Marketing revolves around customer priorities, preferences, questions, emotions, needs, and how to detect these and turn them into mutual benefits, across all stages of an increasingly dynamic customer journey.

Why Social Media is a Must For Your Business

With nearly 1.7 billion active users across the globe on Facebook alone, using social media as a place to reach customers is no longer something a business might do, it has become imperative and critical to the overall marketing strategy of a successful business.

Small business may be slow to learn this lesson but with our social media marketing packages, Social can be your best option for turning followers on social media into leads at your website and eventually customers.

How We Do It: The Secrets To Building a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Both of our packages come with beautiful creatives and targeted posts plus specific optimization for social media searches – all developed with your customers in mind. The similarities end there as each campaign is tailored to fit the existing status of your social media accounts as well as your goals. Here are the details:

1. High Quality Posts and Creatives

We provide 10 high-quality original creatives each month plus 20 engaging articles shared throughout the account. All posting occurs on a consistent posting schedule for a targeted audience based on proprietary affinity targeting research and engagement data.

2. Increased Website Traffic & Number of Followers

All of the content we post is designed for engagement. We build a following with ads, then grow it with content that your followers are sure to share with their friends. By engaging with the content and the CTAs, your followers ultimately wind up on your website.

3. Optimized Facebook Page

Optimization extends to your Facebook page as well as your website. We create or establish a positive brand image on Facebook plus local business verification. After keyword research, your Facebook content will be centered around the best way for potential customers to find you.

4. Expertly Managed Campaigns

We’re social media experts. We’re optimization experts too. But we still need to work with you to develop the best strategy that fits your clients goals perfectly. Combined with intensive research of your clients’ brand, the market and their competitors, we’re confident in our results.

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