• LOOK Innovative Local Web Design

    Designing a Website That Produces Results

    In a technology driven age, it has become essential for local businesses to create a presence online. A website allows you to bolster your current advertising campaigns, take control of your brand image online and build long term relationships with your clients.

    Wordpress is a universal website platform that provides the scalability required when growing your business.

    This guide will take you through the website design process and explain the benefits of using Wordpress as a website platform.

  • FAQ's

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our basic web development is completed within two weeks. This assumes that all the requirements are provided immediately and that you are able to provide revisions and QA quickly.

    The service covers the website build and the site's launch as well as 20 days of support after launch. Name registry, hosting, and server costs are exclusive of this service. However, we would be more than happy to suggest a few hosting providers that provide great products and quality customer support.

    Our Web Development services are built on the WordPress content management system (CMS) because:

  •  LOOK Innovative Content Marketing

    How We Drive Rankings and Traffic With Content

    75% of all clicks on search engine results pages go to organic results. Organic search engine optimization drives traffic, boosts rankings, and content is what drives SEO.

    Content marketing is the foundation of every successful SEO campaign. Getting your website to rank on Google is not about peppering your pages with one or two keywords. Google's algorithms focus quality content that engages, builds trust, and establishes authority. Our publishing house's content marketing strategies are built around these concepts.

    Google uses Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to determine whether to rank a page for a keyword or not.

  • Organic SEO

    Driving Your Business to Online Success

    Developing your online profile through Organic SEO.

    If you are looking to increase the number of customers, sales leads and clients you have, you will need to be as visible as possible to your potential customers.

    Through our five-phase methodology, we help maximize the potential of your website as a business tool, build your brand reputation and establish your name as the leader in your industry.

    Did You Know

    That 93% of the online experiences begin with a Search Engine.

  •  LOOK Innovative Local SEO

    Local SEO Whitepaper

    Making your brand famous in your location.

    All SEO aims to increase a business’ visibility to a targeted audience, but local SEO takes targeting even further. By focusing on customers and prospects in a specific area, local SEO can drive traffic to websites and physical establishments. Gaining an edge against your local competitors is made possible through local SEO.

    Restaurants, retail stores, law firms, car dealerships, and even dental or medical clinics can benefit from local SEO.

    An effective local campaign requires a combination of geo-targeted optimization and content marketing, business listings and backlinks, and user-generated reviews.

  •  LOOK Innovative On Page SEO

    SEO On-Page Optimazation

    Equipping Your Website to Become a Powerful Marketing Platform.

    Being indexed and ranked on the search engine results pages (SERPs) depends on many factors, beginning with the different elements on each of your website. Optimizing these factors helps search engine crawlers find your website, index the pages appropriately , and rank it according to your desired keywords.

    On-page optimization plays a big role in ensuring your online marketing campaign's success. In this definitive guide, you will learn how to successfully optimize your website to ensure that your website is indexed and ranked on the SERPs. In addition you’ll learn how to make your web pages convert.

  • LOOK Innovative PPC

    The Definitive Guide To PPC

    Directing Your Market Towards Goal Fulfillment.

    Pay Per Click is a model of advertising where you pay each time your ad is clicked, rather than earning clicks organically.

    Online marketing is more effective and efficient when your marketing strategies are targeted towards the right audience. With Adwords and pay per click marketing, you can easily segment your market and directly target and optimize your paid ad campaigns.

    We give you the power to control your traffic and reach audiences at the right touch points. In this guide, you will learn how we maximize your PPC campaigns to bring in new leads and increase conversion rates at different touch points, giving you a higher ROI.

  • LOOK Innovative SEO Keywords

    The definitive Guide to Keyword Selection

    Building Your Online Marketing Campaign on Solid Keyword Foundations.

    Your target market uses certain keywords and phrases to look for the products or services you offer online. Targeting these keywords in your content will help your website rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), and make them more visible to your audience.

    Your digital marketing campaign’s success relies heavily on the keywords you use. Creating a list of keywords is just the first step in building a successful marketing campaign; the real challenge lies in selecting the right keywords for your optimization goals, and ultimately your business goals.