Brand Development

Brand Development

"There is no viable digital strategy that isn't integrated into your larger brand and business strategy." - Interbrand

At LOOK Innovative we agree. This also holds true when designing your customers digital experience. The Brand is the single most important element to a business or organization. The digital experience across all touchpoints, must establish a position that has been carefully developed, and a set of customer promises based your mission statement and value proposition.

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Brand Strategy and Positioning

Our brand development, strategy process, includes search marketing, mobile content, social media, rich media, e-commerce, email marketing and their interaction. These are carefully considered in a brand building process.

We define success in online brand strategy as one built around three basic components:

1.) Clear Strategy - clearly articulated business strategy/business plan with a view of the scale and scope of the business. While developing this strategy the customer journey is always at the forefront of the discussion.

2.) Clear picture - as to the role of your brand which will shape many strategic decisions during the brand development process.

3.) Deep customer insight - with an understanding of the evolving nature of different target segments that make up your target market, and the associated demand and competition across the online landscape.

Branded Customer Engagement

LOOK Innovative leverages the impact of digital innovation to better engage your customers faster and more effectively than your competitors?" We successfully set customer expectations of the experience they'll have, then your customer experience strategy defines what that experience is and helps guide delivery of a consistent branded experience for all your customers, no matter how they choose to interact.

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