Marketing a new technology is vastly different than marketing a consumer product that carries little or no risk. Marketers in high tech work in extremely competitive environments where success and failure demands keeping the pulse on a real-time industry trends. LOOK Innovative digital experiences for Tech companies enable you to differentiate from the competition while attaining market transformation.

Accelerating Market Transformation

Market transformation has been defined as a process whereby innovations are introduced into the marketplace and over time penetrate a large portion of the eligible market. Once a new product or other type of innovation is introduced, its penetration begins to rise through a sequence of buyer types starting in the following order: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards.By identifying these buyer types, LOOK Innovative delivers relevant experiences to customers that will build your brand, drive demand, and extend reach.

Hi Tech Company Challenges

Engaging with customers effectively—Delivering relevant, engaging digital experiences to customers across all channels is complex. When correctly implemented, it allows customers to access information with ease and to effortlessly engage with your brand

Demand Generation—Generating leads for B2B High Tech companies is a tremendous challenge, one that requires careful planning and management to engage the prospective buyer throughout the buying lifecycle.

Delivering a consistent brand experience—Maintaining a consistent brand message and experience across the multitude of digital channels and assets can be very complex. Creating an intuitive digital experience that takes into consideration customers and prospects previous interactions with the business, their buyer profile and areas of interest, must be automated and can not be done manually.

Measuring ROI on sales and marketing spend—Proving the effectiveness of digital expereince campaigns and their contribution to the sales pipeline, and brand awareness, requires a solid measurement and optimization strategy. Understanding the return on advertising spend across channels including: on location investments to drive conversions, email campaigns to drive retention, and newer channels such as mobile and social media.

LOOK Innovative Solutions

To personalize customer experiences—We manage and tap into big data? Making use of the wealth of information about customers and prospects, which allows us to create a relevant and engaging experience for High Tech companies. This builds on a prospective or existing customer’s previous experiences each and every time that consumer or business interacts with the company. A connected and interesting experience educates the customer about a company’s products and services and helps move them along the pipeline.

Case Study: High-Tech Marketing - VM2013