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LOOK Innovative provides retailers digital experiences for their brand, based on their customers, competitors, and physical and digital assets. Each retailer's path is unique. It requires finding the right mix of stores, mobile, digital marketing, and CRM capabilities.

The retail paradigm has shifted from a single physical connection point with customers to a multi-pronged approach that crosses both physical and digital channels.

Digital Signage

Cross-Channel Integration

The balance of power has shifted in favor of the consumer who is currently more in control than at any other time. The parity of force has moved energetic about the customer who is currently more in control than at any other time. Also retailers are left attempting to comprehend consumer attitude in this new omni-channel world; how, when, why and where purchasers buy, what impacts the buy choice and channel, and how retailers can predict demand.

Customers are more digitally connected than ever before and interact with retailers through multiple touch points. They expect a seamless experience regardless of the interaction points, and they want flexibility. Attaining this requires an all encompassing approach that encompasses people, process and technology, that cater to customer expectations.

Digital Marketing

Retailers are leveraging digital experiences to drive activity and improve client loyalty across all channels. They are attempting to comprehend their client segments to develop a marketing mix that includes traditional channels, social media, email, mobile,paid search and check-ins to yield the best returns.

Social media, for example, continues to be interwoven into people's lives, including shopping experiences. Facebook recently began testing an online payment system that allows consumers to make online purchases from e-commerce partners through Facebook, which would allow shoppers to bypass the need to fill out billing information for every purchase. And as online retailers strive to speed up delivery times, Google Shopping Express and Amazon are both launching efforts to provide same-day delivery.

Designing the Shopping Experience

Price matters; so do availability, signage, and advertising. But the feature that contributes most to a successful sale is the consumer's shopping experience. When it's done well, the shopping experience trumps all other factors. LOOK Innovative focuses on creating the shopping experience in clients' retail locations by using touchscreen, mobile, signage, and smartphone technologies to design fully integrated stores. Each assignment is different. We consider shopping behavior to store-traffic flow, staff training, and inventory management.

Case Study: The Store of the Future