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Organizations are confronted with the test of distributing content across multiple channels to guarantee they are creating engaging relevant user experiences for audiences cross platform, on all devices. Each interaction is an opportunity for monetization.

Embracing new distribution platforms—To successfully take advantage of the connected consumer opportunity, new distribution platforms which deliver content wherever, whenever and in whatever format consumers desire, must be implemented. With new platforms continuously emerging, they certainly have no shortage of choices: smartphones, gaming consoles, mobile music players, PCs, tablets, e-readers, netbooks, e-toys and in-vehicle entertainment devices – just to name a few.

A key benefit of new distribution platforms is the opportunity to engage the consumer in a more strategic and ongoing relationship. Four major steps can help them move digital M&E offerings far beyond traditional mass media approaches: act like a business-to-consumer (B2C) company; target consumers based on their digital personalities; deliver individualized experiences, not content; and monetize content successfully.

Media & Entertainment Company Challenges

Gaining a holistic view of customers—Managing the consumer’s expectation for the right content, at the right time, on the right device creates challenges for media companies that need to bring together data from multiple channels to obtain a 360-view of each and every customer.

Effectively engaging with customers—The ability to deliver relevant, engaging experiences and advertising to consumers across all channels is complex. However, when it is done right, media companies can drive increased engagement, deeper site visitation, frequent returns and optimized cross property affinity development.

Understanding social—Tying consumer behavior via social media channels to key business objectives is challenging but it ensures that investments in social are delivering value and driving the consumption of content with target audiences.

Leveraging mobile to deliver content and advertising—Consumer behavior varies across devices and form factors Media companies need to have device-specific apps, mobile-enabled digital experiences and appropriately formatted advertising that maximize the value of mobile ad inventory for advertisers for optimal experiences for the specific mobile device.

LOOK Innovative Solutions

The proliferation in marketing data presents a tremendous challenge in how to manage and tap into all that data. Being able to select the most valuable audiences—based on behavior analysis, personification (a process that identifies and cross references most valuable attributes with behavior) and segmentation, media companies can create not only the most engaging content and advertising experiences, but also optimize site pathing and promote the most valuable content, to the most valuable and appropriate audience. All this will help optimize revenues and further enhance brand loyalty and affinity.

Case Study: Brightcove Video Cloud