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Nonprofits have a significant advantage when creating digital experiences. By providing interactions for those who want to give back to the community, while offering more merely purchasimg an item or service, nonprofits can build large audiences through email lists and social networks. Managing these digital touchpoints are prerequisite for nonprofits to engage public participation.

Clear consistant message

The current landscape of multiple devices it is incumbant on non profits to present one digital expereice across all platforms. For example, email has historically been the choice for transactional goals like fundraising. Facebook and other social channels, are great for brand awareness and engagement.

Every option has its own advantages. The challenge is getting various platforms work together in a complimentary way. As an example how can you encourage someone who engages with your nonprofit on Facebook to donate to your group via email?

When done properly, digital experiences bring valuable benefits to nonprofit organizations and their constituents. They increase participation by engaging and connecting members in ways priviously unavalable. They facilatate the exchange of insights and inspire dialogue. They increase revenue opportunities, especially around publications and events.

But doing digital properly is the challange. For fully achieve ROI, user experiences must be consistant across local and regional chapters. Distributed content authoring and publishing must have provisions to maintain brand consistency. Then there’s cost. As resources get constrained, nonprofits need to build sustainable digital platforms that minimize overhead and maintenance costs.

LOOK Innovative Solutions

Define Your Story - effective campaigns communicate core messages. We work with clients to define their story, and why should their audience care? It is important to have an emotional story to share. and to plan how it connects to the lives of the donors and those that benefit from your purpose.

Platforms and Engagement - once we have developed your story we develop the strategy to spread it. We determine which social media networks will be used to engage and interact with your audience. To achieve this we determine who is most likely to be moved by your story and want to help your cause, and how will that message also reach those that benefit from your purpose.

We then evaluate your audience demographic in terms of age, lifestyle and geographic location. This allows us to determine which social platforms and what type of technology they use to gain access to the Web.

Measure and Evaluate - tracking and measuring the performance of integrated marketing campaigns is very important in being able to work out the returns on your marketing investments and whether or not the campaign achieved its objectives and had any effect on your customers or target audience. By measuring the performance of each campaign you are continuously learning and thereby improving which allows you to fine tune campaigns and understand how your target audience interacts with the various touch points and messages you broadcast.

Smart Devices for Nonprofits - with the proliferation of mobile apps, it is prequisite for Nonprofits incorporate mobile-friendly strategies into their marketing and fundraising campaigns. Technologies like SMS and text donations, mobile websites and apps allow nonprofits to extend their reach as well as their cause.

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