Today's shopper is more connected than at any other time, with additional access to and deeper engagement with content and brands, due to the volume of digital devices and platforms. Content that was once just accessible to consumers via print, radio and broadcast television, is now accessed by consumers through their multiple connected devices. This is changing the face of advertising.

The Digital Consumer

Smart devices have put the world in the consumersí hands. In particular, consumer mobile devices have changed the consumer shopping experience. Consumers use mobile devices to research potential purchases and compare prices for goods and services. U.S. consumers enjoy the convenience of anytime, anywhere browsing and shopping via their smartphones and tablets. This represents a huge opportunity for retailers and brands to engage with consumers along the purchase path.Successful advertising campaigns must embrace this new paradigm.

The Digital Living Room

With the number of smart devices and tablets increasing eponentially the traditional TV viewing experience has been transformed. Consumers are using smartphones and tablets to enhance the programming they watch. Television programming now includes invitations to connect in ways unimaginable a few short yeas ago. Consumers now research and purchase items advertised just minutes before. Using social media to engage with other viewers has also transformed the live viewing experience into an omni-channel opportunity.

Multi Screen Success

Today consumers are engaging with content across a variety of screens, and often engaging with that content on multiple screens simultaneously. This means advertisers have to take a holistic approach to their marketing strategy, and adjust the content to fit the context of various screens while considering consumersí multi-screen habits.

At LOOK Innovative we create content that enables personal engagement across TVs, PCS, consoles, tablets and mobile devices. Each device requires a different approach; for example, messaging on TV is the best way to deliver an emotional story and achieve brand building. Mobile advertising should feel like itís adding value rather than creating an interruption for the consumer.

Case Study: Social and Digital Media Revolution Statistics - MMG