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The role that the digital expereince plays in consumer purchases, has changed how goods and services are bought and how consumers perceive brands.

From digitally enhanced stores to a consistant brand experience online, with social and mobile strategy, LOOK Innovative provides the digital expereince your customers expect.


Omni Channel

The control of the purchase process is now in favor of the consumer who now has more power than ever. Retailers are trying to understand the consumer thought process in this new omni-channel world. How, when, why and where consumers buy? What influences the purchase decision and channel? How can retailers can predict consumer demand? The answers to these questions determine and shape the engeging, relevant digital experience.

Digital Overhaul

The retail proposition has changed from a single physical location with customers to a multi-faceted strategy that includes both physical and digital channels. While more than 90% of sales still take place in stores, a huge portion of those sales are digitally influenced online. The internet has provided shoppers immediate access to research, availability, and assortment of products, challenging the old paradigm of retail.

While the store still remains the most popular choice for researching, a range of digital touchpoints including search engines, mobile, and online giants like and eBay are key influencers on purchases that were researched ahead of time.

Value Proposition

Buy Online; Pick Up in a store. There is abundant evidence that the shopper preference for buying online and picking up in a store has become part of mainstream retailing. It is a logical extension of a digital mentality that has been embraced by all segments of shoppers who now use personal technology in every aspect of their lives. Infact, 43% of online shoppers buy online and pick up at the store.

When meeting customer demands retailers need to address the issue of shipping costs as a significant factor in online purchases. One smart way to do this is by offering buy online pick up in store, which increases shopper trip frequency to stores, contributes to higher baskets through add on sales, and improves customer satisfaction to nurture loyalty.

Interactive Digital Expereinces

Social commerce and interactive in-store touch screens are also critical parts of the digital customer experience. LOOK Innovative commerce stratgies include proper management of Facebook, Twitter and online integration with in-store digital media. To keep customers engaged.

Case Study: Macy's Magic Fitting Room